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                               Seriously need to get rid of animal urine?

  Step into any pet store or search online and you will find plenty of products that claim to get rid of pet animal urine.  Most of have five star reviews and are loved by pet owners, buyers of pet products and Pet Store owners.  The problem is that few if any have ingredients that remove even one ounce of any type of animal urine.  If you need to get rid of animal urine from healthy or ill animals let alone Raccoon or Mountain Lion spray, you have very few choices.  You can purchase products made from human urine formulas (30 % of products sold for animal urine), drain opener formulas (35% of products sold for animal urine), junk science formulas (34% of products sold for animal urine) and now a true custom formulated animal urine formula (Less than 1/10 th of 1% of products sold for animal urine).      


  Believe it or not the cleanup category began by selling formulas that have zero ability to remove animal urine and is pretty much the same today.  A married woman created the modern day number one method to remove pet urine.  No testing, no scientific research, no verification that the human urine/drain opener formula she used and professed to work actually removes animal urine. Hard to believe?  Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.


  The line that started it all:  “Nature makes it work.”  The problem is that nature does not make it work. Nature prevents nearly all products sold for animal urine from working.  Just because you or other humans no longer smell animal urine does not mean it is gone.  Animal urine is water soluble.  Pour enough water on animal urine and it will disappear.   Animal urine is still there, only spread over a larger area and creating PeeCrete.

  Life’s Great Products, LLC., is the first company to discover the animal urine code. AUF uses a formulation created to remove animal urine and all its components without creating PeeCrete. Animal urine is nearly impossible to remove with formulas other than AUF.  

  In 1994, we introduced Dumb Cat Anti-Marking & Cat Spray Remover and it is now one of the best selling feline retraining aids  No gimmick ingredients.  No human urine formulation or drain opener formulas repackaged for animal urine. Now after seventeen years of testing our formula under extreme scientific study, we offer AUF the first true animal urine formula that safely digests animal urine nearly everywhere.

  AUF is safe enough to use inside animal cages with the animal inside the habitat. Use AUF in dog runs, outdoor rocks and anyplace animals have urinated.  Safe to use on all types of indoor and outdoor carpet, flooring, decking and outdoor environments. The most effective product for inside the car on dog or feral animal accidents.  And no, it does not work in a few minutes.  No animal urine formula works in minutes!

  AUF has been tested with hundreds of species of animal urine both fresh and dried.  When you really and truly have to get rid of urine, you only have one choice.  AUF the most scientifically tested formula before sale than any other product sold for all types of animal urine.  

  It all began when goats were brought into a home and urinated everywhere. The homeowner failed to find any over the counter solution.  Then, we heard about raccoons getting into a home through a open dog door and living inside the home for two weeks while the homeowners were on vacation.  Again, no over the counter product removed the foul smelling animal urine.  We are formulators and love a challenge.  AUF is a true all animal urine formula.

  It’s impossible to find a more effective animal urine formula than AUF.