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PeeCrete is created when a fixing or drying substance is mixed with animal urine and the molecular structure of the animal urine changes and becomes a concrete like material.  It can take weeks or months for PeeCrete to form.  Once formed, PeeCrete will continue to produce foul odors and transmit animal marking scents forever.

Years of research and study of dried animal urine has demonstrated what causes everyday PeeCrete in homes, businesses and any place animal urine is cleaned with substances that fix or dry out the components in animal urine.  

PeeCrete once formed is nearly impossible to remove.  Like it’s distant cousins concrete and epoxy once formed, it is nearly impossible to remove without huge cost.  PeeCrete still emits urine odors and is more noticeable after carpets are professionally cleaned or animals continue to urinate where PeeCrete is formed.

Untreated water added to animal urine does not cause PeeCrete. Animal urine is made to accept water to reactivate the components that act like sponges to keep marking scents active for long periods of time.  When you add other fixing agents to water you cause the tiny sponges to dry out and form a PeeCrete byproduct.

Common fixing or drying agents that turn animal urine into PeeCrete are:  Alcohols in nearly any form.  Most common is Isopropyl Alcohol, ethanol, rubbing alcohol, & denatured alcohol.  Common household fixing agents are: Vinegar, baking soda, salt, orange oils, bleach, fizzing (carbonated solutions), oxygenated solutions, color safe bleach (Oxy), molecular twisting solutions, club soda, Hydrogen Peroxide, enzymes, organic cleaners, yeast, sparkling soda, butyl cleaners, junk science formulations, essential oils, household and industrial chemicals, soaps, detergents and many other things that folks use to cleanup urine.

What uses these ingredients?  Well just about every manufactured animal and human urine and junk science formula sold in the World. Every time a person uses these miracle products and other products with the guaranteed best urine remover slogans they are actually creating PeeCrete.  Instead of getting rid of animal urine the user is permanently bonding the urine to where-ever they treated with these best sellers and highly recommended by retail & online sales staffs. A quart or gallon bottle spreads and creates more PeeCrete where it has been applied.

Why folks believe these type of products work is based on a few factors.  Urine is water soluble, it is invisible to see and humans cannot smell animal urine after hours or days.  Animals smell the marking scents in PeeCrete and will continue to use the spot to urinate or mark.

AUF contains no fixers or drying agents to create PeeCrete.


Please use AUF before using a product that creates or is creating PeeCrete.  AUF cannot have 100% results if the animal urine has become PeeCrete.

AUF was created after fifteen years of research and testing to prevent PeeCrete and digest Animal Urine for both wild animals and pets that live inside and around the home.  Nothing works like AUF!