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Please read the instructions on the bottle again and again before declaring AUF did not work.  AUF works when the directions are followed.  Please read all the articles on this website before asking for a question to be answered.

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If you used another product before AUF and it failed to work, you have likely bonded the urine components and it is unlikely any product will remove these bonded components.  Products that contain enzymes, alcohols and junk science can prevent our digesters from working.  These ingredients suck the moisture out of animal urine deposits and make PeeCrete and digesting nearly impossible by our product.  

You will have a 50/50 chance that AUF will work after using products other than the AUF formula.

AUF was formulated to remove fresh or dried animal urine. It was not formulated to remove animal urine after the use of stain and odor formulas that are not meant for animal urine removal.